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A Quartertlife crisis is totally real, and it's totally real that I am going through one. I know this due to that fact that I can say yes to nearly all of these questions:

You feel like you are in a funk; nothing is terribly wrong, but nothing seems right either. 

You feel a lot of pressure and expectations to do, have or be something.

You often feel unmotivated, directionless or passionless.

You don’t know what you want to do with your life or you know what you want to do, but can’t seem to make a living at it.

You feel pressure to get your adult life in order and plan your future.

You feel entitled to or long for a life much grander than the one you are living.

You are stressed out by choices that will seemingly affect the rest of your life.

 You are dealing with disappointment or confusion because something did not turn out like you thought it would.

A breakup, romantic relationship, or lack of one is causing suffering.

You are living at home with mom and dad.

You compare yourself to other people your age and feel like you don’t measure up.

You feel financially unstable.

Your self-esteem could use an upgrade.

You constantly think about the future, resulting in anxiety.

Your life is not at all turning out like you had planned.

 I feel relieved that I have been officially diagnosed, and that now I have a legitimate excuse for why my behavior has been totally wack. You do as well right? Read the rest of the article and began to solve all your problems here.



I am super lucky that I can take a nap and actually fall asleep anywhere, at anytime. Hospital floors, break rooms, parks, I have NAPPED. So, isn't this little portable sleeping pod great? I am not sure how you breathe, and it could be rather embarrassing to wear, but once you get past those factors, this could surely make all my nap dreams come true. 


Basketball photos from the 1900's

Yikes, I feel sorry for these girls having to play b-ball in these terrible dresses!



I made these delish pancakes from the Post Punk Kitchen last night and I sort of fell in love with them.

Find the recipe here



Have you been to ClosetVisit.com yet? It's pretty rad, and this photo shoot of actress Allison Miller is a favorite of mine. 

You can see more ladies on the site,here.


First Kiss is a zine devoted solely to the raging-hormones, pounding of pulses, and all around awkwardness of the adolescent first kiss.
  Involving a Buick, an all you can eat buffet at Sizzler's, and the state capitol building, fingers crossed the magazine will except my first kiss story for their next issue.

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Of Love and War

 Eileen Ive and John Bagot on their wedding day, 1915
 H. Woodhead and M. Timbs on their wedding day, 1943.The first Army wedding in northwest Australia.

 Sydney, NSW. 1919. A wounded AIF soldier receives an affectionate welcome home at the Anzac Buffet in The Domain.

 Lieutenant Robert Antony (Tony) Evelyn Cansdale helps his new bride, Lena Cohn, cut their wedding cake with his ceremonial sword, at Haifa, Palestine, on 19 November 1947.

 Bruce Skipworth, his wife Elaine, and their daughter, 1968

 Fumiko Isumizawa and G McCaughey cutting their wedding cake, 1952.

 War brides learn about Australia, 1952
3/3522 Sergeant T. R. MacQuin of Australian Army Education Service stands in front of a class of Japanese war brides to give them information about Australia.

Australia's first school for wives was organised by Captain Cecil Gidley, AIF, secretary of the Lord Mayor of Sydney's Allied Relations Committee and Officer-in-Charge of the American Division, Australian Department of Information. Members of Sydney US Servicemen's Wives and Fiancees Association attended, learning more about their own country in order to talk of Australia in American homes.



 Plain leather pouch + neon paint = THIS BITCHIN' BAG MADE AT HOME

See how to and more here